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Visible salt flakes in new packaging entice consumers

Visible salt flakes in new packaging entice consumers, Sal Costa, RPC Superfos, packaging, Asia
Spanish salt producer Sal Costa has found an ideal packaging solution for its ‘Sal Essential’, which allows consumers to see what they are purchasing on the grocery store shelves.

Beautiful pyramid-shaped salt flakes make people think of fine cooking and delicious food. However, in Sal Costa’s previous carton packaging for ‘Sal Essential’ no one could see the flakes until they had bought the salt and opened the carton.

Now Sal Costa can render its salt flakes visible to the consumers at the grocery store, by using the square UniPak container from RPC Superfos.

“The purpose of changing the packaging for Sal Essential was to get a transparent container that could present our salt flakes better,” explained Sal Costa Purchase Manager Albert Llobet.

“In the new packaging the product looks attractive, clean, practical and modern. It makes people want to cook and be creative.”

Besides shifting its packaging format from carton to plastic, Sal Costa has also resized the container from a 250g container to 175g.

“Our distributors like this packaging a lot because it looks great in their stores and thanks to the smaller format, they can sell it to more people,” said Llobet. “The salt capacity of the container is enough for at least a couple of months but at the same time the price is now more attractive due to the reduced size.”

The new container also holds many other advantages for consumers, added Llobet: “The container is practical to use while cooking and can be handled even with wet hands. It is easy to open, and our customers no longer have to open a carton box and cut the plastic wrap first. It is easy to access and to pile on the shelves at home.”



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