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Clear view from a 3-liter PET bottle

Clear view from a 3-liter PET bottle, Greiner Packaging International, Sonax, packaging, Asia
The new high-performance SONAX glass cleaner and windshield washer fluid will be launched in a transparent package that features an integrated handle and communicates the product’s key benefits.

Manufactured by Greiner Packaging International, the PET bottle for the German car-care market leader is 250mm in height with a body diameter of 225mm. The bottle is made completely of transparent plastic that offers an unrestricted view of its contents – and having a clear view of the liquid inside contributes greatly to reinforcing customer confidence in the quality of the product.Clear view from a 3-liter PET bottle, Greiner Packaging International, Sonax, packaging, Asia

Günter Ausserwöger, Head of Division Kavo at Greiner Packaging, explained, “Automobile drivers need to always be able to see the overall view, and for this they require a high-quality windshield washer fluid.

“This key product benefit is communicated in the packaging design of the new SONAX bottle, with the key message conveyed being ‘Clear, see-through view – out the car windshield, and into the bottle’.”

Ergonomic and functional

In addition, the new bottle design speaks of quality with its ease of use and unique handle. The handle is an integrated design element, allowing the packaging to be injection stretch blow molded in a single stage. As a result, no additional assembly work is required.

The new three-liter bottle fits perfectly in one’s hand, making it easy to measure and pour without spilling. An injection-molded screw-on cap with a tamper-resistant ring made of PE is used for a cover. The package is decorated with a high-quality label front and back.

The new SONAX XTREME windshield washer fluid is scheduled to become available for the coming spring and summer seasons. For now, the eye-catching three-liter bottle will be distributed in Germany, Austria and in the Netherlands.



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