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Soft drink goes for aluminium bottle packaging

Soft drink goes for aluminium bottle packaging, Ball Corporation, DOC 360, Wis-Pak, packaging
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DOC 360, a carbonated soft drink brand from the US, is now available in a fully recyclable aluminum bottle paired with thermochromic ink that changes color when the contents are cold enough to drink and has been dubbed the "Slam Can."

The packaging used is Ball Corporation's Alumi-Tek bottle, which combines the advatnages of a classic aluminium can with those of a bottle – it is quick to chill, 100% recyclable and has a wide 38mm opening that provides good mouth feel and a smooth flow. Soft drink goes for aluminium bottle packaging, Ball Corporation, DOC 360, Wis-Pak, packaging

The Slam Can also features thermochromic ink from Ball, providing product differentiation and a great user experience.

"Unique packaging such as the Alumi-Tek bottle and thermochromic ink provides the differentiation DOC360 needs to stand out to our consumers," said Gary Wypiszynki, DOC 360 Business Development Manager. "The chill-activated Slam Can is a premium package that communicates excitement and boldness that is authentic to our consumers."

"Alumi-Tek drinks like a bottle and cools like a can, which makes it perfect for the soft drink consumer who is on the go," said Robert M. Miles, senior vice president, sales for Ball's metal beverage packaging division, Americas.

"Beverage makers and consumers continue to reach for aluminum packaging. With the Alumi-Tek bottle's many advantages, including reclosability, portability and brand-building real estate, it's easy to understand why Alumi-Tek is in demand."

DOC 360 is a brand of beverage manufacturer Wis-Pak - a US manufacturer and distributor of Pepsi-Cola and other leading soft drinks.


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