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Bottle label plays with font design for a striking packaging look

Bottle label plays with font design for a striking packaging look, Bruketa&Žinić, Valtida Piccola, packaging, Asia
Multidisciplinary design and advertising agency Bruketa&Žinić have recently completed the packaging for Valtida Piccola, a handmade olive oil produced in the Istria region of Croatia, using a design solution that delivers a distinctive duality that conveys both the crafted individuality of the product and professional experience of the brand.

The brief the design agency received was to differentiate the product from the similar ones on the market, creating something different from conventional olive oil packaging, and accentuating the fact it is a handmade product.

Through a combination of large script and fine serif, subtle craft cues and a high quality print finish, the two-type design solution created by Bruketa&Žinić for the bottle label manages to deliver bold, coherent and communicative value through significant contrast within a shared context.

The casual script achieves a natural, handwritten authenticity but with a professional eye for space and legibility. The slightly playful and almost superfluous quality in the loops and ligatures give the letters a spontaneity and individual character alongside an uppercase confidence that appear both personal but also authoritative. Bottle label plays with font design for a striking packaging look, Bruketa&Žinić, Valtida Piccola, packaging, Asia

In addition, the rough edges - a neat but simple vector twist - creates the illusion of ink bleeding into paper, while the large size and stacked layout of the script also makes good use of the height and slim width of the bottle.

This organic detail is juxtaposed alongside the more formal and consistent properties of a far smaller, well spaced, serif and italic choice, creating a sense of heritage and professionalism that works well to temper and frame the youthful enthusiasm and energy of the script.

The colour palette and print treatment – a combination of gold, black, brown, olive green and red - each have the premium sparkle of a metallic spot colour. These are amplified by the generous space of the label, which is in turn elevated by the dark glass of the bottle, again providing sharp contrast.

The exterior packaging wrap uses the same design solution as the bottle label, but with a large recurring print, drawn from a roll and cut mid way through the typography, twisted and creased across the neck of the bottle and sealed with a sticker. Not only does this emphasize the high quality of the wine category - reinforced by the date and provenance at the foot, it also revokes a sense of nostalgic and reminds consumers of the tradition and locality of shop packed/ hand assembled goods of the past.

All in all, the packaging design solution offers a duality that conveys professional and consistent quality yet individual and regional brand values through subtle craft and premium cues.



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