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ShakerPouch delivers fresh cocktails to homes

ShakerPouch delivers fresh cocktails to homes, ShakerPouch, Waldemar Behn, Bischof + Klein, packaging
A new product range from spirits manufacturer Waldemar Behn makes it easy for consumers to enjoy fresh cocktails at home, thanks to an innovative pouch from packaging and film specialist Bischof + Klein.

"Todd's Push & Chill" is a range of six popular cocktails – from "sex on the beach" to pina colada. Available in the “ShakerPouch”, consumers can simply crush the fruit cushion in the pre-chilled pouch, shake well, and serve the fresh cocktail over ice.

The tubular bag in the stand up pouch separates the alcohol Components from the intensive fruit essence until the drink is prepared. They only come into contact and develop their full aromas immediately prior to drinking. The "fun factor" provides that certain extra: a viewing window enables the fruit pulp's "explosion" and subsequent mixing with the base spirit to be watched.

Shaped like a cocktail shaker, the stand up pouch consists of a multi-ply laminate and is provided with high-quality gravure printing. Thanks to its laser perforations and knurled embossing, the ShakerPouch is easy to open. An unprinted inner bag with aluminium coating protects the fresh fruit pulp from light and retains its aroma.

As the diameter of the film used for the ShakerPouch is only around one twelfth of a millimetre, the packaging solution weighs in at just 9g - roughly as much as half a slice of lemon in a cocktail glass. Not only does the lightweight pouch save on energy and cost during transportation, its packaging materials are recyclable and can be returned to the material cycle.



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