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New fragrance seduces with packaging design

New fragrance seduces with packaging design, OTTO KERN LUXURE, packaging, Asia, Germany
OTTO KERN’s latest fragrance, OTTO KERN LUXURE, is using its packaging design to emphasis the brand’s sensuous and luxurious side: promise and seduction - presented in the language of fragrance.

OTTO KERN LUXURE captures that magical moment when seduction is in the air – between two people whose passion is expressed in their glances as they forget the glamorous world around them.

The twin fragrance is a gentle breath of exquisite luxury which delicately touches the skin, leaving behind a thrill of passion – a memorable moment of lust that remains alive in the mind for a long time.

The object of desire – the flacon
The bottle is as seductive and persuasive as the fragrance: its elegance and modernity are enhanced by a stylish nuance of sensuality. Ribbed glass on the sides of the bottles creates a sensuous, tactile effect while at the same time sparking curiosity.

The outer packaging’s designs have not been neglected. The boxes feature elegant, classic colours: the women’s fragrance in passionate red with shining gold, and the men’s fragrance in masculine black combined with silver.




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