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New plastic packaging peps up fruit pulp

New plastic packaging peps up fruit pulp, Charles & Alice, RPC Superfos, RPC Group, packaging
A new family-size plastic packaging that aims to revitalize fruit compote is now on shelves from French food producer Charles & Alice.

The pot is part of the strategy to revitalise fruit compote and is produced by RPC Superfos, exhibiting at Salon Emballage 2012 in Paris.

Charles & Alice fruit compotes stand out as a novelty in the French market. Not only are the recipes fresh and new, the size and the nature of the packaging are also innovative and different.

According to Charles & Alice Product Manager Aurélie Chauffaille, the 535g SuperLock pot from RPC Superfos that the product is packaged in has helped reach out to customers and retailers.

“Our product is for the entire family. It may be shared and savoured together at any time of the day or enjoyed bit by bit,” she explains. New plastic packaging peps up fruit pulp, Charles & Alice, RPC Superfos, RPC Group, packaging

“It is a key advantage to set yourself apart from competitors on the market and this exactly what we do by using the 535g size – it is completely new in connection with fruit compotes in France.”

A light weight plastic container with a barrier protection on all surfaces of the packaging, SuperLock is membrane sealed, and the combination of the two ensures an almost non-existent oxygen transmission. The solution has won RPC Superfos multiple international awards, including an IF packaging design award 2012.

Gives an up-to-date sensation
As fruit does not grow all year, the long shelf life – up to 12 months - that the SuperLock pot guarantees for the compote is crucial. Another positive feature that Aurélie Chauffaile points out is the easy opening and re-closing mechanism of the SuperLock pot.

“The twist-off screw-on lid is very user friendly and makes a sound when the lid is closed. It is very much like the one you know from a glass jar, but the general feel and sensation from the SuperLock packaging is more up-to-date in our view and more convenient,” Chauffaille says.

“The pot has given us easier access to be included in the retailers’ product range. Retailers like to put the pretty plastic pots with our compotes on shelf catching the eyes of the customers at the stores.”


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