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Cutty Sark whips up a Storm with new glass bottle

Cutty Sark whips up a Storm with new glass bottle, Edrington, O-I, Pearlfisher, packaging
For the launch of the first permanent addition to Cutty Sark whisky’s core range since it was acquired by Edrington in 2010, a unique distinctive glass packaging was specially developed by Pearlfisher and O-I.

The new Cutty Sark Storm product is intended to supersede the current Cutty Sark Black and Blended Malt products - which were packed in a standard clear glass bottle. As part of the strategy to revitalize the brand and add a degree of premium luxury, Edrington decided that a proprietary shape for the new packaging was needed.

This new bottle, designed by London design studio Pearlfisher and stunningly realised in green glass by O-I’s Alloa glass plant, takes a tall, oval shape, which tapers from shoulders to base.

It carries a strong statement of heritage and brand attitude through bold embossing of the phrase “Since 1923 Our actions define who we are”. There is a new label, with a halftone image of a tea clipper on a grey stormy sea. Cutty Sark whips up a Storm with new glass bottle, Edrington, O-I, Pearlfisher, packaging

O-I produced both 70cl and 75cl bottle sizes for global distribution.

Paul McLavin, O-I Marketing Manager NW Europe, says, “Edrington wanted to make a statement of intent about the development of the Cutty Sark brand. They have found it in glass. No other material can bear the level of brand identity and embody the premium cues than glass.

“The angular shape and brilliantly embossed positioning speak of a confident brand, at home with its reputation as one of the best-selling Scotch whiskies in North America and around the Mediterranean and as one which is growing strongly in emerging markets across Asia and South America.”

Cutty Sark Storm is the latest in a string of glass packaging developments undertaken by O-I on behalf of Edrington and follows the repackaging in late 2011 of the Cutty Sark Blend. The partnership has also created award-winning bottles for The Famous Grouse brand, namely the lightweighting of its mainline containers to a best in class 340g and the development of the iconic black glass bottle for The Famous Grouse Alpha Edition.

Mike Rose, Technical Services Director at Edrington says, “These developments are all about getting the right range of glass packaging to create a powerful image for our premium brands which resonates with the global customer base.

“At the same time, we continue to improve filling line efficiencies and reduce the carbon footprint of our packaging in line with our commitments to the Scotch Whisky Association Environmental Strategy. O-I helps us to achieve this.”



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