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New organic skincare range goes for PCR tubes

New organic skincare range goes for PCR Tubes, M&H Plastics, Madara Cosmetics, packaging, Asia
To communicate the ethnical standards of its organic and natural personal care products, Madara Cosmetics decided to use plastic tubes made 60% PCR (post-consumer recycled material).

Madara Cosmetics comprises a range of organic and natural skincare products for the face, body, hair and baby care. The products contain organically-certified natural extracts from plants growing in the Northern region.

In order to reflect the exacting ethical standards of the ingredients Madara sought a company that could meet the challenge of manufacturing eco-friendly packaging and selected M&H Plastics to supply the tubes used in their haircare and hand cream.

The haircare range uses 200ml 50mm diameter tubes whilst the hand cream comes in a 75ml 35mm diameter tube. Both tubes are manufactured from 60% PCR (post-consumer recycled material).

A metallic effect green was selected to reflect the green product credentials which M&H printed with the striking plant graphic. Colour coordinated Softline rounded caps were selected which complete the attractive premium image.



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