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UK Jazzy potato with a big personality

UK Jazzy potato with a big personality, Preva Produce, CJ Meijier, Potato Innovations, Pam Lloyd Marketing
UK -
Preva Produce and four other potato growers, in connection with Dutch breeder CJ Meijer and their UK arm Potato Innovations, are bringing a unique potato with a big personality to the UK.

Preva and the Jazzy group recently developed distinctive pack graphics with Pam Lloyd Marketing, using packaging from Amcor Flexibles – a division of Australian headquartered Amcor Ltd

"We chose Amcor's Panorama packaging for the Jazzy launch because we wanted to have a quality pack to reflect the quality of Jazzy potatoes. The paper laminate film looks and feels great, especially with the bright Jazzy branding," said Will Beeson, Director of Preva Produce.

The Jazzy new potato, which has exceptional looks and flavour, was launched exclusively in the Co-operative Food stores on 1st August and is available in two formats: 500g with a distinctive red design and 1 kg with an equally distinctive green design.

Preva Produce grows, sources and supplies a broad range of high quality potatoes to its partners and customers across the UK and European potato industry. With extensive produce handling, packing and storage facilities, Preva Produce is able to meet customers' requirements 365 days a year. Situated in East Anglia, Preva Produce operates from four locations across the region, which ensures maximum flexibility and coverage in this important potato producing area.



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