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Vosene shines in RPC teardrop bottle

Vosene shines in RPC teardrop bottle, Vosene, RPC Group, RPC Containers Llantrisant, RPC Design
UK –
Hair care brand Vosene has launched its biggest product innovation in 15 years in an iconic new bottle featuring its well-known ‘teardrop’ motif.

Vosene’s new series of shampoo variants, introduced to complement its existing product range, was borne out of a quantitative study of 29,000 consumers giving feedback on fresh formulations.

As part of the study, Vosene also asked consumers for feedback on bottle shape and artwork design. After examining the feedback, the UK brand decided to introduce a brand new sleek bottle to accompany its latest product variants.Vosene shines in RPC teardrop bottle, Vosene, RPC Group, RPC Containers Llantrisant, RPC Design

The new HDPE 250ml bottle, created by RPC Design and produced by RPC Containers Llantrisant, was designed to reflect Vosene’s well-known ‘teardrop’ motif and incorporates a pearlescent shimmering effect to highlight the cleanliness image associated with the product.

The design was also created such that it could incorporate plenty of space for two labels, front and back, to further enhance the product’s on-shelf appeal.

Rob Hunt, sales manager at RPC Llantrisant, explained, “An important part of the brief was that not only do Vosene pride themselves on the effectiveness of their products, but the bottle had to look appealing and fresh in the bathroom.”

Mark Oldacre, Marketing Manager of Vosene brand owner Lornamead, added, “This new bottle had to conform to relatively strict height and width specifications and had to be sufficiently robust to withstand the rigours of the supply chain.

“Now the relaunched Vosene range reflects fresh, modern looking packaging with an extensive range of products and fragrances perfectly suited to appeal to a wider range of consumers.”



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