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Grant ‘s triangular whisky bottle shines with nightclub lights

Grant ‘s triangular whisky bottle lights up with nightclub lights, Grant’s Family Reserve, Sleever International, packaging, Asia
UK –
Embracing the nightlife, Grant ‘s Family Reserve’s special limited edition bottle is a resolutely innovative masterpiece, featuring a design inspired by the brand’s more than 50 years’ history and lit up by three vibrant colours.

For this exceptional occasion Grant's tasked Sleever International to decorate both the case and the bottle. The Scottish whiskey brand wanted a theatrical showcase for the three colours (red, yellow and orange) on a black background, to allow Grant’s iconic triangular bottle to really stand out.

The result is a case dressed up with a black sleeve, which allows the light to pass through. The Sleevercap solution, featuring a micro-perforation, allows for the removal of the cap and for serving customers without removing the bottles from its case.

Beyond this functionality, Sleever brought its technical expertise to guarantee the perfect positioning and orientation of the sleeve despite having nothing to grab onto at the base of the case.

The sleeve on the bottle is reminiscent of the nightclub atmosphere with luminous triangles representing light and connection, matching the decoration of the case with its black background and its triangle outlines (red, yellow and orange).

The choice of Sleever's GPET TH 050 ZI was made to meet the shape constraints of the bottle, resulting in a sleeve that is both fold-free and perfectly positioned.


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