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Embossed bottle for Shaken Udder

Embossed bottle for Shaken Udder, Shaken Udder, Graham Packaging, packaging, Asia
UK -
The Shaken Udder brand of top quality milkshakes has redesigned its milk churn bottles with the help of Graham Packaging, to capitalize on the patriotism of the forthcoming Jubilee, the Olympics, Para Olympics and European Football Championship. The company has launched a complete new lightweight 330ml clear PET bottle.

Co-founder of Shaken Udder, Jodie Farran, commented, "With all the excitement this summer, we thought we should celebrate being a British milkshake. All our shakes use only the best quality, fresh, British milk and only the very finest ingredients, like real strawberries, Belgian chocolate pieces and real vanilla beans that you can see in the shake.”

The new embossed PET bottle features a wraparound label with “funky” cow graphics and images of the Union Jack. Coupled with interesting product brand names - Chocolush, Vanillalicious. Strawberry Stash and Top Banana - the packaging is appealing and, on retail shelves, eye-catching to consumers.

The Graham design team created brand new custom moulds to help create better branding for the four flavours. The 330ml tactile bottle features a 38ml neck finish, which makes it easy to drink straight from the bottle and ideal for a healthy lunch accompaniment.

Simone Gill, Key Account Manager at Graham Packaging said, "This is a brand new account for us, we worked closely with Jodie Farran and her team to deliver a new, stylish, embossed bottle and together with the wrap round label featuring a Union Jack, bunting and crowned funky cows the overall effect has achieved real shelf appeal.

“The brief from our initial meeting with the client to come up with an alternative solution has been achieved, we are delighted with the way the new project has come to fruition."

Graham Packaging's design team produces bespoke PET bottles as well as a variety of Graham standard bottles that can be supplied from stock from any of the manufacturing sites in Europe.


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