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Airless HVDS keeps elasticizer effectively contained

Airless HVDS keeps elasticizer effectively contained, Rieke Packaging, Philip Kingsley, packaging, Asia
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The Rieke Dispensing Airless HVDS system has provided the ideal packaging solution for hair care specialist Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer hair treatment.

Elasticizer is the product for which Philip Kingsley is best known and remains its top selling line. However, the weight and density of the product was a challenge for the packaging, as previous packs could leak or split, and were liable to break if dropped. Hence, the company started looking for a more robust pack that at the same time was convenient and easy to use.Airless HVDS keeps elasticizer effectively contained, Rieke Packaging, Philip Kingsley, packaging, Asia

“The Airless HVDS is the perfect pack for our requirements,” explains Claire Edgecombe, Philip Kingsley UK’s Managing Director. “It is thoroughly robust and able, for example, to meet the stringent drop tests of QVC where we sell a lot of this product.

“Equally important because the container is sealed, there is much less risk of contamination as water cannot easily get into the pack. The HVDS is also very easy to use and provides a controlled and accurate amount of product each time.”

The Rieke Airless HVDS in 500ml and 1 litre sizes combines a sturdy construction with a unique dispensing action that ensures almost complete evacuation of the container, delivering maximum value to the end consumer. Airless HVDS uses airless technology incorporating a special one-piece piston that pushes product up from the bottom of the container. This ensures that at least 98% of the product is dispensed.

A security tab prevents unintentional dispense of the product, while an innovative suckback feature pulls product back into the nozzle after dispensing for a clean and hygienic operation.

Rieke’s Airless HVDS range is ideal for dispensing air and oxygen sensitive products and a non-metal contact construction means the dispensers are compatible with a wider range of product formulations and ingredients.


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