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Custom pot extends shelf life for soup on the go

Custom pot extends shelf life for soup on the go, Délices de la Mer, RPC Group, packaging, AsiaFRANCE - A leading French food brand has selected a custom pot from RPC Bebo France for the launch of a healthy, organic soup range.

The Bouxwiller site was chosen by Délices de la Mer because of its ability to provide a suitable custom pack rapidly, in accordance with the customer’s short deadline.

The 400ml microwaveable pot is supplied in a diameter of 95mm and utilises PP/EVOH/PP barrier technology. It has been designed with customised cavities to allow for product sterilisation, providing an extended shelf life of 12 months.

RPC provided a complete solution with the supply of the pot, thermoformed cap and the spoon to allow eating on the go.

The soup, which is being sold under the popular Bjorg brand name, was launched in October 2011 in two flavours –‘Sweet potato &coconut’, and ‘Minestrone with vegetables & epeutre’.

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