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Körrisaft and FC St Pauli score with RPC

Körrisaft and FC St Pauli score with RPC, Packaging, Asia, Germany, packaging design
Fans of German football club FC St Pauli are enjoying their favourite pre-match snacks served with curry ketchup in a plastic bottle from RPC Containers.

Körrisaft has been the official ketchup of FC St. Pauli in Hamburg since summer 2008. Its curry ketchup was first launched in a glass bottle with a clamp top, but since February 2011 has switched to a standard 520 ml Eclipse multilayer PP bottle, filled at Farmhaus Produktions und Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG in Düsseldorf.Körrisaft and FC St Pauli score with RPC, Packaging, Asia, Germany, packaging design

The new plastic bottle from RPC not only appeals to a wider audience but also takes into account safety concerns in the football stadium.

The bottles feature a special barrier layer which protects the gourmet sauce from excessive oxygen penetration, guaranteeing a longer shelf life. The striking sleeve by Riviera NL-Drachten features the club’s brown and white colours to ensure a strong on-shelf presence.

The curry ketchup was initially intended as a limited edition, has now become a long-term favourite. Curry ketchup is enjoyed not only in the stadium but makes chips at home a real taste experience. As well as a special mixture of spices, the ketchup is flavoured with caramel, aloe vera juice and chillies.

In parallel with the introduction of the squeeze bottle, the ketchup has an expanded sales network including Metro Deutschland, REWE, Edeka and GLOBUS.


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