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360-degree graphic beer can solution

360-degree graphic beer can solution, Avery Brewing Company, Ball Corporation, packaging, Asia
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For Avery Brewing Company, the award-winning Boulder, Colo. brewer known for full-flavored brewing artistry in their ales and lagers, finding a can manufacturer that could capture Avery's distinctive graphic vision was a challenge – until Avery partnered with Ball Corporation's Graphics Center of Excellence.

"Our passion for our brands and the high-quality of our craft beer demands the same intensity in our packaging and Ball shared that dedication," said Adam Avery, President & Brewmaster, Avery Brewing Company.

"Having Ball's extensive technology and expertise under one roof was also key in choosing Ball to take our graphic ideas to the next level on Ball's sustainable cans."

Avery tapped into the creative minds at Ball to create can graphics using Ball's Eyeris™ Enhanced Graphics printing. The Eyeris printing technique improved the definition and fine detail of Avery's beverage can graphics – creating a 360-degree miniature billboard with every can for distinctive, on-the-shelf differentiation of Avery's brands, including India Pale Ale, White Rascal, Ellie's Brown Ale and Joe's Premium American Pilsner.

"Advanced graphics capabilities are a game-changer for premium drinks – such as Avery's craft beers – as craft brewers build unique brands and compete for mindshare from consumers," said Robert M. Miles, senior vice president, sales for Ball's metal beverage packaging division, Americas. "Aluminum cans offer a 360-degree billboard for brands to establish and build upon their brand message.”

Ball's Colorado GCOE combines the company's extensive metal packaging experience, brand-building creativity and state-of-the-art technology to deliver inclusive one-stop design-to-printed-can service to customers.

“Our expanded Graphic Center OF Excellence, along with similar facilities in Europe and Asia, leverage the advantages of the can and provide industry-leading innovation that helps build brands," noted Miles.

Ball Corporation is a supplier of high quality packaging for beverage, food and household products customers, and of aerospace and other technologies and services, primarily for the U.S. government. Ball Corporation and its subsidiaries employ more than 14,500 people worldwide and reported 2011 sales of more than US$8.6 billion.

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