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Pure, Clean, Refreshing carbonated drinks packaging

Pure, Clean, Refreshing carbonated drinks packaging, Capi Beverages, CIP Creative
In line with the Capi’s brand mission to produce Pure, Clean, Refreshing carbonated drinks, the brand owner has launched a new product range featuring packaging that communicates the company’s philosophy eloquently.

Australian company Capi Beverages were seeking a bold new look for their new Capi Sparkling range and tasked local design agency CIP Creative with the packaging design job.

After studying the new premium range, which included Mixers, Fruit Sodas and Mineral Waters which high-quality ingredients have been sourced around the globe, the design agency decided to create a strong brand mark and distinctive packaging that markets Capi sparkling products as ‘Premium Refreshment’.Pure, Clean, Refreshing carbonated drinks packaging, Capi Beverages, CIP Creative

“When creating the brand and associated labels, we aimed for a crisp, fresh, no nonsense visual language puled together by a sharp logotype," explained CIP Creative.

The bottles are plain and transparent, which allows the clean-design labels positioned near the bottom of the bottles to stand out. The liquid product contained within the packaging can also be easily seen by consumers and, in particular for the colored products, play dual functions as striking backgrounds for the labels.

The overall feel of the packaging design for the Capi Sparkling range ends up being one of refreshing luxury, fully fulfilling the requirements of the brand owner.


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