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PR%F that innovative whiskey packaging exists

PR%F that innovative whiskey packaging exists, Zeus Jones, packaging, Asia, US
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One branding agency has stepped out of its comfort zone to create striking packaging to complement one of its projects.

PR%F that innovative whiskey packaging exists, Zeus Jones, packaging, Asia, USWhen brand and marketing agency Zeus Jones took on the task of developing a campaign for an iPad app that educates users about Scotch whiskey, they decided to create an accompanying sample kit that features packaging design which communicates the mystique of fine scotch.

Dan Horan, one of its recent creative applicants, had approached the agency with a sketch for a whiskey tasking iPad app. Seizing on the idea, Zeus Jones got to work on the project and made the app a tour of Scotland. For the identity, the company came up with the name PR%F (ie. ‘PROOF’), a play on proving consumers’ knowledge of scotch as well as the concept of alcohol purity.

To enhance the app experience, Zeus Jones decided to create a complimentary sample kit: “We carefully considered the details, and sweated outside of work hours to bring them to life. Since PR%F is a tour of Scotland’s whisky-making regions, we carefully chose the whiskies that best represented the area where they were made.”

The sample bottles are simple and classy, decorated with labels hand-stamped with a custom design which blended PR%F typography with Zeus Jones’ alternative wordmark - a script logo that was originally made to decorate the jerseys of the unofficial Zeus Jones cycling teamPR%F that innovative whiskey packaging exists, Zeus Jones, packaging, Asia, US.

“To add to the mystique of holding a bottle of fine scotch, we hand-dipped every single one in wax, and stamped them with the percent sign from our PROOF logo,” the agency explained.

A set of five bottles is packaged in a small white corrugated box featuring classic graphic designs. By cushioning the bottles with rough paper, the rustic look and feel of the packaging is enhanced, resulting in an absolutely pleasing aesthetic feast for the eyes.



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