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Painting in a new packaging shape

Painting in a new packaging shape, Jotun, Jotaplast, RPC group, RPC Superfos
By replacing round with rectangular, paint manufacturer Jotun has obtained both marketing extras and significant cost savings with a new container.

After experiencing a downturn in the market, Jotun brand Jotaplast switched to a new packaging solution, and according to Packaging Manager Ole Anton Bakke from Jotun Dekorativ, the product is now enjoying a comeback.

Jotaplast is sold in the Scandinavia market. The container for the new packaging solution is SuperCube from RPC Superfos in two different sizes, both with FlakeFree® lids to prevent unwanted flakes from falling into the paint.

“Jotaplast stands out in the new packaging due to its rectangular shape and big surfaces for decoration,” said Bakke. “Another advantage is the end user convenience it offers; it is easy to carry and the container is big enough to let thePainting in a new packaging shape, Jotun, Jotaplast, RPC group, RPC Superfos end user roll the paint on a roller directly from the container.”

From a logistical point of view the new packaging is also a step forward because there is now room for 10% more containers on a pallet. This reduces the need for storage space in the stores of Jotun’s customers and its own warehouses.

“It also minimises the need for transportation; by utilising every inch of the pallet we transport less air, so to speak,” Bakke added.

The container shape change meant that Jotun had to modify its production line. By working with the converter RPC Superfos, the brand owner was also able to ensure that the new packaging worked in the paint mixing machines of its retail customers when they add the color of the end users’ choice at the store.


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