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Handsome Coffee

Handsome Coffee, Handsome Coffee Roasters, PTARMAK, packaging, Asia
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Los Angeles-based small-batch coffee roaster Handsome Coffee Roasters has launched an all purpose bag and labels that emulate the brand image of simple, no-nonsense, authentic, and classy coffee products.

According to design agency PTARMAK, Handsome needed a robust label system and an all-purpose bag that could serve as its backdrop.

"We were briefed that Handsome intended to have two lines of coffees: Comfort and Adventure,” explained the US agency. “Each line would have coffees and espressos, and each line (and its category) needed to be immediately recognizable.”Handsome Coffee, Handsome Coffee Roasters, PTARMAK, packaging, Asia

“We employed color, shape and a little figure ground to differentiate between the lines and categories. The color system was developed loosely around a 1940's craftsman—workshirt blue, denim, utility orange, metallic copper, crisp white, no-nonsense black and a rich black-brown... in honor of the coffee."

Sissy Emmons Hobizal, the PTARMAK designer for this project, chose “manly-man items” for the illustrations that line the sides to feature “objects that share the Handsome dedication to a by-gone era where handmade craft and a dedication to quality were a labor of love as well as a way of life.”

A dip of copper was also included at the bottom of the bags as a continuation of the copper counters in the Handsome shop and on the Handsome Traveler.

“It adds just a touch of elegance to the otherwise practical bags. The system is intended to be humble and utilitarian with every detail lovingly applied," PTARMAK explained.



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