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New look for the global relaunch of Vaseline lotions

New look for the global relaunch of Vaseline lotions, Vaseline, Unilever, Blue Marlin, packaging
As part of a global brand revamp, skincare expert Vaseline is relaunching its core lotions range across the globe with a striking new vivacious packaging.

Crafted by long-term strategic design partner Blue Marlin, the new packaging design uses warm tones and images of the ingredients, such as aloe vera, to bring the proposition to life in a modern, attention grabbing way.

Anna Milivojevich, associate creative director Blue Marlin New York, said, “This design highlights what makes the product special to the consumer: natural ingredients, the latest in skincare science, and ultimately creating healthier skin so she has the confidence and energy to do more.”

Vaseline Essential Moisture body lotions are available in three variants: Oat Soft, Aloe Fresh and Cocoa Radiant, reflecting growing consumer enthusiasm for natural ingredients in skincare products. The global roll out begun this month; the range is now available in Europe and Asia and will launch in the US early in the New YearNew look for the global relaunch of Vaseline lotions, Vaseline, Unilever, Blue Marlin, packaging.

In addition to new packaging, the relaunch involves new formulations and a new communications platform and will be supported by multimedia advertising, social media, sampling and PR activity.

Unilever has reformulated its 140-year-old brand introducing natural extracts and its patented Stratys-3 technology, which delivers superior moisturisation to all layers of skin with a light silky feel.

“Vaseline is one of the most trusted skincare brands on the market,” said Ricardo Pimenta, global brand vice president – Vaseline and St Ives. “The combination of reformulation, repackaging and the new communications platform will keep it at the front of consumers’ hearts and minds.”


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