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Pakistan Beverage invests to keep up with market demand

Sidel SBO8 Universal2Eco blower at Pakistan Beverage
Pakistan Beverage Limited (PBL), one of the largest beverage producers in Pakistan and a PepsiCo franchisee, has made an investment to boost its products’ quality and production efficiency to meet increased market demand.

Pakistani packaging printer’s investment produces 70 million sheets in less than a year

Packages Limited running its six-colour KBA Rapida 106
Barely a year after entering production, the KBA Rapida 106 at Packages Limited in Lahore, Pakistan, has already clocked up 70 million impressions.

Pakistan sets rules for infant formula product labelling

Pakistan sets rules for infant formula product labelling
A new government regulation now requires infant formula products sold in Pakistan to include a label that encourages breast-feeding.