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Kraiburg TPE combats counterfeit products in Asia with new packaging

Kraiburg TPE combats counterfeit products in Asia with new packaging, Kraiburg TPE, Asia packaging, Malaysia, materials supplier
In a bid to combat counterfeit copies of its products, Kraiburg TPE Asia Pacific has introduced new product packaging with high-tech security features on its labelling as well as better information detailed on its pallet packaging.

The German premium quality thermoplastic elastomers manufacturer explained that its Asia Pacific headquarters in Malaysia has observed the presence of counterfeit Kraiburg resins in the market, packaged to look like its own TPE materials.

“This is one of the chief reasons why Kraiburg TPE Asia/Pacific has decided to launch our new label design with enhanced security features,” said Kraiburg in a statement.

The new product label will incorporate tamper-proof security hologram labels to help prevent counterfeiting, discourage tampering and make it difficult to imitate.  This security feature also allows Kraiburg Asia Pacific to facilitate product authentication easily and speedily.  Brand and product descriptors appear prominently on the label with the addition of English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean descriptors to enhance ease of usage for its regional customers.

Kraiburg TPE combats counterfeit products in Asia with new packaging, Kraiburg TPE, Asia packaging, Malaysia, materials supplierThe company has also introduced new pallet packaging with enhanced handling instructions via a detailed label and handling instruction icons. The packaging features the use of QR codes that enable customers to easily and quickly connect to Kraiburg’s website for information and even to contact the company via smartphones. Hence, it eliminates the need to content searching and provides direct access to information.

The information on the pallet packaging will now be available in 11 international languages, namely Arabic, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese (Simplified and traditional), German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Tamil, Thai, and Vietnamese – all for the benefit of Kraiburg’s Asia Pacific customers.

In addition, the new pallet packaging is recyclable, making it eco-friendlier towards energy conservation, waste reduction, and environment preservation.

“With the introduction of the new product label and pallet packaging, Kraiburg TPE Asia Pacific aims to enhance customer confidence and brand loyalty, facilitate better distribution and logistics control, and last but not least- maintaining harmony with nature in all our global operation activities,” said the company

Besides its Asian manufacturing facility in Selangor, Malaysia, Kraiburg also has a sales presence in other parts of the region, namely China, India, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.



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