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Pernod Ricard to use QR codes to combat Chinese counterfeiting

Pernod Ricard to use QR codes to combat Chinese counterfeiting, Pernod Ricard, Asia packaging, France, China
French spirits company Pernod Ricard plans to introduce QR codes on all products packaged in China by April 2014 in an attempt to thwart counterfeiting as well as better engage consumers.

Pernod Ricard says the QR codes will provide an avenue for the brand owner to share product information with consumers, including insights into the production process to enforce the brand’s image and quality assurance.

In addition, the QR codes will help Pernod Ricard gain better insight into its customers’ purchasing habits, and help the company better tailor its marketing campaigns for greater effectiveness.

Beyond that though, the QR codes will help Pernod Ricard protect its brands in a Chinese market notorious for its rampant counterfeiting. As the QR codes will be integrated into the packaging, the products will be much harder to replicate.

Alister McIntosh, manufacturing director for Chivas Brothers – Pernod Ricard’s Scotch whisky unit, said, “There will be a QR code on every Pernod Ricard bottle in China within seven to eight months.”

Calling the QR codes a “dual stream” for both anti-counterfeiting and consumer education, McIntosh noted that it is important to assure consumers “where every single bottle came from and where it was produced.”

“We have always got to be one step ahead,” explained McIntosh. “A lot of the packaging that we do is to protect the Chivas brand.”


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