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Major Red Bull counterfeit bust in China

Major Red Bull counterfeit bust in China, Red Bull, Asia packaging, China, brand owner
Police have confiscated 3,820 boxes of Red Bull counterfeit cans, ingredients and packaging materials from eight locations in China over the last month in what appears to be a nationwide distribution network.

So far, 13 people have been detained across 10 provinces in China, as the police try to stop the production and sale of large quantities of counterfeit versions of the popular Red Bull energy drink. A total of US$4.09 million (RMB 25 million) worth of assets have been seized.

According to local media reports, the counterfeiters made a US$0.60 (RMB 3.7) profit on each fake Red Bull canned product, which retail price is US$0.16-0.33 (RMB1-2) cheaper than the genuine product. Each of the 12 illegal production lines discovered by the police produce 2,400 cans a day.

In 2005, the police seized 180,000 counterfeit Red Bull cans in Fujian province.

Red Bull says it does monitor the Chinese market for fake productions of its product. Spokeswoman Tina Deutner said, “This doesn’t concern our Red Bull. Of course, as in all other countries, we monitor the Chinese market attentively, check cans regularly and protect our trademark against any infringements.”

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