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Counterfeit HP cartridge products worth US$180,000 seized in Malaysia

Counterfeit HP cartridge products worth US$180, 000 seized in Malaysia, Hewlett Packard, packaging, Asia
According to Hewlett Packard (HP),
more than 2,000 counterfeit toner cartridges and 80 fake toner cartridges worth more than RM540,000 (US$181,300) have been seized by Malaysian law enforcement officials.

Investigations are ongoing "to identify the entity's downstream customers, upstream suppliers and any related facilities is underway," according to a statement by HP.

Jimmy Kwok, Anti-Counterfeit Manager, Printing and Personal Systems, HP Asia Pacific and Japan, said, "We will continue to work closely with the local authorities to combat the fraudulent manufacture, distribution and sale of counterfeit HP supplies products and protect our customers.

"The diligence of the HP anti-counterfeiting programme in the Asia Pacific region has resulted in law enforcement agencies successfully confiscating more than 25 million units of counterfeit cartridges and Components in the last four years."

HP has made great effort to protect the authenticity of its products with special features on its packaging, All HP cartridge packaging in Asia Pacific have a security seal with color shifting technology that helps customers easily identify original HP products simply by tilting the box front to back to see “OK” and a tick mark move in opposite directions. The box can also be tilted right to left to see the “OK” and a tick move in the same direction.

In addition, HP uses security seals with QR codes that allows for Mobile Authentication with the QR code reader on customers' mobile device.

"On a global level, HP maintains an aggressive approach to anti-counterfeiting and has conducted more than 4,600 investigations in 88 countries over the last four years,” said Kwok.

“This activity has resulted in the seizure of more than 36 million units of counterfeit printing cartridges and Components worldwide over the same period."


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