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More than 11,500 counterfeit HP products seized in Malaysia

More than 11, 500 counterfeit HP products seized in Malaysia, HP, Hewlett-Packard, packaging
Police seized more than 11,520 counterfeit printing supplies in the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur last month.

With help from Hewlett-Packard (HP)’s Southeast Asia Anti-Counterfeit Programme (ACF), officers from the enforcement division of the Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism seized more than 719 counterfeit ink cartridges, 3,132 counterfeit toner cartridges and 7,669 various Components used to make counterfeit HP cartridges from an entity which was a HP managed partner selling into the Malaysian market.

The total seizure value is estimated at RM913,234 (US$299,421). The company involved in the counterfeit scam has now been terminated as a HP partner.

Counterfeiting of printing supplies usually involves the illegal printing of HP-branded boxes, labels and security seals. Often refilled cartridges containing inferior inks and toners are used and inserted into this packaging that closely resembles genuine HP packaging.

Genuine HP cartridge packaging in Asia Pacific display a security seal with color shifting technology that help customers easily identify original HP supplies. In 2011, HP also introduced security seals with QR codes, allowing for Mobile Authentication with the QR code reader on customers' mobile device or the HP eSupplies mobile app.

More than 11, 500 counterfeit HP products seized in Malaysia, HP, Hewlett-Packard, packagingHP global brand protection and anti-counterfeit manager, printing and personal systems, Jeff Kwasny, said, "HP collaborated with local law enforcement to make this action possible. HP vigorously defends its brand and intellectual property for Original HP supplies by engaging in industry-leading anti-counterfeiting practices to combat the fraudulent manufacture, distribution and sale of counterfeit HP supplies products.

"Our commitment to our customers is the driving force behind the vigilance of our anti-counterfeit team, as we understand how the sale of counterfeit HP products negatively impacts our customers and the HP brand," he added.

Over the last four years, the HP anti-counterfeiting program in Asia Pacific has helped law enforcement agencies confiscate more than 20 million units of counterfeit cartridges and Components. Globally, HP has conducted almost 5,000 investigations in 88 countries over the last four years, resulting in the seizure of nearly 35 million units of counterfeit printing cartridges and Components in the same period.

"With counterfeit HP print cartridges, customers purchase what they often assume to be a genuine HP product, but they instead receive a cartridge that provides them with inferior print quality and often times a cartridge that fails to perform at all," Kwasny said. "Through our anti-counterfeiting efforts, HP is determined to protect our customers and our brand."

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