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Thailand to implement REACH-type legislation

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According to the Department of Industrial Works (DIW), Thailand is in the process of developing a National Chemical Inventory similar to other countries, as well as a REACH-like registration scheme for new chemical substances and priority existing chemical substances.

Although the due date has not yet been finalized, closure of the existing chemical nomination has been proposed for 31 December 2016 – therefore it is unlikely that the new regulations will come into force before 2017.

After the closure of nomination, chemicals not listed on the existing chemical inventory will be considered to be new, and a notification will be required.

DIW will then combine four lists - its existing hazardous substance list; the latest hazardous chemical notification list; the chemicals currently listed in the DIW consultation database; and the National Single Window List which is held by the Department of Customs. This combined list will define “existing” chemicals.

New chemical substances which are not listed on Thailand national chemical inventory - new substances that are not hazardous or do not meet SVHC criteria -qualify for simplified risk assessment report. Otherwise, full risk assessment report will be required.

Hazardous chemicals will be subject to new regulations under an amended Hazardous Substance Act, which was first published in 1992.

For more details, see Asian Legislation Monitoring Service.

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