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Bangladesh promises to implement jute packaging law

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The Bangladeshi government intends to launch programs to promote the use of jute-based packaging, as well as halt the usage of plastic packaging “in a month or two”.

This move comes years after the government enacted the Mandatory Jute Packaging Act in 2010, and formulated the articles of the law in 2013 – the law stipulates that all traders as well as government organisations must use jute bags to pack paddy, rice, pulses, wheat, fertiliser and sugar.

In addition, manufacturers must use packaging materials consisting of at least 75% jute fibre.

However, even after the law was passed, and penalties set - first-time rule violators are supposed to face a Tk 50,000 fine or a year or incarceration, while second-time offenders are to face both – implementation has been slack, if not non-existent.

Both state-owned and private jute mill owners have questioned the government’s sincerity in implementing the jute packaging law.

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