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China slowdown hitting business growth prospects of key trading partners

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THE contagion caused by China’s economic slowdown is spreading to businesses around the world, with business confidence and expectations for revenue and exports down, not just in China’s near neighbours, but in several major economies which count on the world’s second biggest economy as a major trading partner.

This, according to new research from Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR), a quarterly survey of 2,500+ business leaders in 36 economies.

In China, optimism slipped 20 percentage points to net 26% in Q3-2015. The falls recorded in other economies are equally as striking; many of China’s top trading partners including Germany (down 46pp to 46%), Japan (down 36pp to -28%), Australia (down 15pp to 39%) and the ASEAN nations (down 22pp to 18%) all report sharp dips in optimism. The global figure dropped 7pp to net 38%... For the full story, subscribe to Packaging Business Insight Asia here.

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