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Thought Leaders from the Packaging Supply Chain

Rengo Rides the Retail Revolution:rengo lightweight rrp solution

Kiyoshi Otsubo, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, RENGO, in conversation with Publisher Stuart Hoggard

Arguably Asia's largest corrugated carton manufacturer, Rengo aims to revolutionise the Japanese retail sector with a new format of Retail Ready Packaging.

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Asian Packaging & Environmental Laws – A Compliance Guide

  • Written by Stuart Hoggard
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Size: A4

Extent: 380pp

Format: Pdf

Tables/Charts: 40

Photographs: 50
Price: US$3,500
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The Asian region is in the midst of a green packaging revolution as governments begin implementing tough environmental packaging laws that regulate the way packaging is produced, used and recovered.

According to a new report from EP Resources Pte Ltd (publisher of, Asian countries have introduced a raft of new legislation, tweaks to existing laws, administrative policy changes.

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Zen & The Technology of Packaging Design in Japan

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Zen-&-the-technology of-Japanese-Packaging-cover

Illustrated Analysis & Commentary
Author: Stuart Hoggard

Page Size: A4
Extent: 180 pp
Images: 200 +
Format: Pdf download only
File size: 5.6 mb
Retail Price: US$595
Pre Publication DISCOUNT - Save 20% US$476

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THE ultimate illustrated guide to current trends in the world’s most advanced packaging market. 
The very latest in Japanese Packaging Design in the market, this report is more than just a photo-study of more than 200 exquisitely designed packages - it is an analysis of the latest in Japanese cutting-edge technological packaging solutions, going behind the classic visual graphic elements to analyze material construction, sustainability, market requirement and the main driver and motivation behind the development of each individual package.

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Japan's Packaging & Environment Laws

  • Written by The Publisher
  • Category: Reports

japan_legislation_coverJapan's Template for Asian Environmental Packaging Legislation

Single-site License    = US$1,300
Multi-site License    = US$3,800

  • 184-page PDF format report
  • The FULL TEXT of 10 key laws, ordinances and mandatory standards from Japan
  • Detailed Analysis of each of these legislative instruments
  • An analysis of Japan’s Containers & Packaging Recycling Law – THE template for legislation in China and the rest of Asia

Japan has one of the highest packaging recovery rates in the world. To meet its obligations under the Packaging & Containers Recycling Law, the packaging industry has obsessively pursued R&D strategies towards product improvements which has in turn led to higher packaging values.
This report provides a must- have analysis of its regulations and insight into the success of its packaging sector.

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