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Japan's Packaging & Environment Laws

  • Written by The Publisher
  • Category: Reports

japan_legislation_coverJapan's Template for Asian Environmental Packaging Legislation

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  • 184-page PDF format report
  • The FULL TEXT of 10 key laws, ordinances and mandatory standards from Japan
  • Detailed Analysis of each of these legislative instruments
  • An analysis of Japan’s Containers & Packaging Recycling Law – THE template for legislation in China and the rest of Asia

Japan has one of the highest packaging recovery rates in the world. To meet its obligations under the Packaging & Containers Recycling Law, the packaging industry has obsessively pursued R&D strategies towards product improvements which has in turn led to higher packaging values.
This report provides a must- have analysis of its regulations and insight into the success of its packaging sector.

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Packaging Drivers in Japan

  • Category: Reports


Size: A4
Extent: 180pp

Illustrations: 120
Tables/charts: 20

An essential resource for top-level data and a strategic analysis of the key drivers of Japan’s US$54.8 billion package production industry.

Digging deeper than the generally available industry data on market size, segmentation and demographics, this report analyses the complex forces impacting on Japan’s packaging industry which has consistently taken the lead the field in technological innovation, aesthetic appeal, brand shelf presence and consumer expectation, most of which takes years to filter out to the west.

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Economic Crisis Impact on the Packaging Industry

  • Category: Reports
econ-crisis Size:     A4
Extent:     128 pp
Data:     84 charts, 30 data-tables
Format:     Pdf only
File size:     3.8mb
Single User License:  EU 595 (US$ 810)

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This 128 page Master Report: Detailed Analysis, examines and compares the impact of the Economic Crisis on the Packaging Supply Chain on three continents Europe, North America and Asia from a micro regional perspective.

It delves deeper into the causes and implications of the current crisis on the Packaging industry and builds on the macro analysis of the Executive Report (included) to provide an in-depth perspective of the Packaging Industry on the three continents of Europe, North America and Asia.

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Mottainai: The Sustainable Packaging Culture in Japan

  • Category: Reports

Mottanai has no real equivalent in English. An old Japanese word from Zen Bhuddism meaning “wastefulness or disrespect for nature’, the Japanese government and environmental movement have co-opted it as a powerful slogan for Sustainability. The Japanese government views the global promotion of Mottanai as a mission towards achieving environmental sustainability worldwide.

This report focuses on the issues of Packaging Sustainability as part of the wider socio-political movement, known by various names: 3R movement, Sound Material-Cycle Society or Circular Economy.

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